About Suntec


 Beginning Phase (2005 ~): A Biotechnology Company

Suntec Corporation (Suctec Medical) was established in 2005 as a biotech company with a vision of innovation and excellence in developing world-class new biomarkers to enable “Personalized Medicine” for the better treatment of patients.  Suntec focuses on common chronic diseases such as liver, cardiac, and metabolic diseases (diabetes). Suntec initiated the Chronic Liver Fibrosis Markers.  Suntec collaborated with BIO, an innovative technology company in Taiwan.  More than three years of perseverance and persistence, our company has rapid growth and significant success in global leadership of “Personalized Medicine”.
The Expansion Phase (2006 ~): Enter the Biopharmaceutical Business
Since 2006, Suntec enters pharmaceutical intermediates, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and formulated drug product development with a focus on cancer drugs.
In early 2007, Suntec developed Camptothecin, a pharmaceutical intermediate of Irinotecan, the popular colorectal cancer drug. Due to the high quality of this raw material, it was in high demand globally. Suntec also developed its own Irinotecan API and formulation.
In early 2008, Suntec forms strategic alliance with Harbin Bolai Pharmaceuticals, a leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology company in China, to manufacture its Irinotecan generic drug. The product was successfully manufactured in March, 2008 and available for sale in non-US/EU countries. 
Today (2009 ~): We are doing business in several continents
Armed with business leadership, market development expertise, and international business networks, Suntec earned the attention and respect of the best pharmaceutical companies in South America. Beginning in early 2009, Suntec actively conducts international business between US, Europe, Asia, and Latin America pharmaceutical companies. Currently, Suntec actively trades both pharmaceutical ingredients (API and Pharmaceutical Intermediates) and finished drugs. Suntec is an exclusive distributor in Latin America, Asia and US markets for many pharmaceutical manufacture companies. Suntec focuses on biopharmaceutical products. 
Suntec also focuses on the special market needs of emerging countries such as Latin America, Russia and its CIS countries, Middle-eastern, North African countries, and Asia-pacific regions.